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-- California Insurance License # 0B89248 

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The StockTracker Software Program is FREE.
Send me an e-mail and I will attach the StockTracker Software Program and
the instructions for managing and running the program.

You buy stock to make money. Prices rise and fall as a daily normal occurrence -- but sometimes
prices fall quite a bit because of some problems with the stock company. Most people don't do anything
- but allow the flow of the stock price to fall without thinking of a way to safeguard their money.


With the StockTracker Software - you will know - when to sell to protect your money from loss -
track the prices downward - recalculating the extra number of shares that you will buy when the downward
flowing prices stop falling. When you buy the the stock again you will have more shares and make
more money.
Repeat the process as many times as you wish. The StockTracker program is written in
Microsoft Excel. All you need is about a minute a day to enter very little information.