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I started writing books in 2003.
The first four books -- about money management -- are published by Ingram -
the biggest book publisher in the United States.

"Critical Thinking Problem Solver"--
offers simple ideas for changing society - and presents ideas - where you can make a difference.

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Craps - For the beginning or more advanced player Craps is the only casino game offering the best odds for the player.
Most players look for the "hot table" where many numbers are being thrown before the 7 appears. Imagine using selective dice settings,
and a way of throwing that works toward that goal. If you look at the left side of each die and there is a 66,55,or 44
and you spin to get the 16 combinations, you would get 4 7's. If the left side of each die is a 65,64,or 54 you would find two 7's.

Special sets increase the odds of throwing more numbers and less 7's- giving you the capability of making more money
and winning more games.


Can you guess what strategy you would use- that uses only four bets- and getting paid for every number
thrown- except the 7?
One of the first steps in controlling the game is money managing. The control of the amount of money set aside
for gaming should be determined by the number of gaming days. As you play- using a regression system or taking down your bets is a
guaranteed win. This book offers everything for the beginner and the experienced player.
Keep away from GREED and you will have the tools to win.


THE MONEY TRACKING MACHINE Everyone knows that you should buy stock or mutual funds when prices are low and sell
when prices are high, but don’t know what to do, or when to do that. When you hear people talking about securities it is confusing.
Did you “shut off” and forget about protecting your investments from loss? Did you lose money in the stock market? You are probably
thinking your money came back, but you actually lost three ways.


1. You lost your money 2. You lost against inflation. 3. You lost the most important thing, and that is the time it takes to get your money back.

Did you know that all it takes is 20 seconds a day to protect your money from loss?

As you get older, losses to your savings or retirement plan becomes more crucial. It takes a long time to
recover lost money, and in the meanwhile your lifestyle could change for the worst.

This book is definitely for you and is perfect for an 8th grader



The Truth About Money. When you look at almost everything we do, it concerns money. This book will explain in the simplest terms
the money problems we have today and find some solutions. The truth about Money ideas will help you or your business succeed.


Today, changes are required to help you and the country where critical thinking is necessary to succeed. Current budgeting requirements

require everyone to reduce the common good to maintain a balanced budget. This is absolutely ridiculous.


Questions are being brought up how to limit the government’s debt. The static budget systems for government, states, cities and

municipalities are extremely limiting and antiquated and need to be changed. The handling of money was given to the Federal Reserve,

a private organization, in 1913 by Congress.

New money is created only by issuing debt to private institutions and to the government. The Constitution states that only Congress shall
coin and regulate money. The soaring national debt could be reduced by not paying interest to the bankers of the Federal Reserve System,
who print paper money and then loan it to the government at interest. There are so many things that need fixing.


I'm sure you could s list. Why don’t the Government use the treasury to print money to eliminate debt, and correct everything

that needs fixing or replacing? How many jobs would that create?



The Easy Way to TAX-FREE Savings Why spend extra time and money just to pay the tax? Why should the government
interfere in your savings? The ultimate method of saving for long-term goals should have: preservation of premium and future profits---
full control of the money with the capability of accessing it any time without penalties or restrictions---
a TAX-FREE savings of 10 to 35 cents for every dollar saved--- money compound with a long-term record of interest earned--
a way of saving from ages 0 to ages 90--- the capability of saving for college --- the capability to put more money away than a 401k plan---
no required distribution--- a way to calculate a break-even strategy against inflation--- a way to safeguard a business---
a way to protect a legacy from estate tax.


The purpose of this book is to make you aware of the various ways of saving money without paying the federal tax.

The average person doesn't even realize they're being taxed, or to what degree. The federal tax starts from 10 cents on every dollar
to as high as 35 cents on every dollar. That means for every $1,000 you save, you'll lose $100 - $350 in taxes.


Is it legal to save without paying tax? Yes, it is legal, and you’re probably wondering why your financial consultant, CPA or attorney
hasn't mentioned anything to you about it. If they knew about tax-free savings, why weren't you advised of it?

The truth is your CPA and financial consultant learned about the tax-free ideas in classes that were required to maintain
their licenses. Just look at all the mistakes in handling money that could have been eliminated if people were taught
how to better handle their money. Think of all the money wasted or thrown away.



Critical Thinking Problem Solver- simple ideas and easy to understand - One section is about Freedom of Choice.

The understanding of what is taught today is old, lifeless, and lost its ability to function properly any more. This book offers
essential ideas that could change society. Problem solving and critical thinking requires a lot of reading and research to find
material that would be interesting to the public.


I copied articles into this book - as ideas -- for you-- governments-- and businesses to use –
to improve society. This book evaluates the condition of existing or living as it relates to everything we do.
The more connected our world becomes, the more we need to find a way to balance our egoism. from our mutual hatred,
so all be solved when we learn to cover, or at least balance them with love of others.


Today countries around the world have the worst monetary (money) problems and the largest unemployment since the great

depression of the 1930’s. If money is not spread around or circulated depressions or recessions occur.


Many of the problems started from the deregulation of the banking industries. I know the monetary, fiscal (tax), and budget

systems used today needs to be replaced. The major point of monetary reform is to eliminate money created by credit/debt.

Outsourcing still causes huge losses in employment by moving the middle class toward poverty.

This book will discuss new ideas to offset the outsourcing problems with simple ideas of moving away from banks controlling
the worlds’ money, and stopping governments from working as if they are banks.

The concepts in this book uses the idea of printing money only from the countries’ treasuries with the idea of eliminating debt.
This book offers a lot more ideas- such as new medical - technology - and environmental - by offering more advanced uses.