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Why buy insurance? -You die - How do you pay your bills?- what happens to your family?
The income produced for the survival of the family is now gone. Your family's lifestyle has changed for the worse

Many of you have policies that expire. Life insurance should be used to cover your entire life.


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Problem Solving the Federal Estate Tax

consists of - everything you currently own -- and everything due you --minus exclusions.

This includes homes, apartments, businesses, cars, boats, airplanes, rental moneys, furniture, jewelry, paintings
Property owned outright, such as real estate, personal property,
bonds, stocks, business interests, bank accounts, life insurance, etc., is the gross estate

Your attorney and accountant will establish your current estate taxes due-- minus all the adjustments.
so you will know what your Current Federal Estate Tax would be.

I look at the estate tax numbers to reflect -- what your Future Federal Estate Tax would look like many years ahead
I then calculate your life insurance death benefit using special trusts -
to accumulate the necessary money to pay off the Future Federal Estate Tax  --
and to provide extra money for the surviving spouse - paying old bills and funeral expenses.

It is necessary to establish a needs analysis that will be used to calculate

Cost of final illness or injury - Funeral expenses
- Pay estate tax - Pay mortgage and debts -
Provide continuing family income - Funding children's education -
Providing retirement income for a spouse - Provide an emergency fund - and Building an estate value.

Example why you need to take care for your future needs and your heirs.


Tyrell was single and died in 2013, leaving a gross estate valued at $8,250,000.
He had funeral and mortgage expenses totaling $800,000.

After all the deductions --
the Federal Estate Tax due was $960,000.
This is a very basic example for the purpose of grasping the estate tax calculation concept.


The advantages of indexed universal life.


  • Greater time periods
  • Flexible payments from minimum to maximum
  • Cash accumulation
  • Borrow the cash without repaying it
  • Cash is tax free and not reported
  • You can set your time period from about ages 82 to 87.
  • Why pay more than necessary
  • An option is an increasing death benefit that keeps up with inflation
  • Pay maximum for 7 years – stop paying -- and the insurance continues forever
  • The biggest option - your insurance is set to expire -- call the insurance company
    for the price to continue the policy. They can’t stop you from paying.