The StockTracker Software Program


 The Stocktracker Software Program gives you
the exact information about your stock 
Daily Tracking (waiting to sell) or tracking (waiting to buy.)

All the action takes about 1 minute.

When prices fluctuate,
You will know at a glance
what is happening to your money. 

Take advantage of protecting your stock from loss
by selling when you have small profits.

and then tracking the prices down
to buy more shares and make more profit.
Repeat the steps over and over again.

  You have full control - in making money.


Look what this sample program offers

The program is written in Microsoft Excel
and comes with a manual and free support.


Information about your stock is entered. This is the initial setup of your account.


The symbol of the stock
Date of Purchase
Purchase Date
No Shares
The number of shares
Share Value
The share value minus the commission buying cost
The cost of selling
Date Sold
The date of stocks being sold
Shares Sold
The number of share sold
Sold Price per Share
The sold price for stock
An extra fee for selling stock 
Sold Share Value
The Net$ fee when stock is sold
Stock Split
The calculations used for splits - regular or reverse
Split To
The calculations used for splits- regular or reverse
Split Buy per Share
Recaluations for splits
Split no Shares
Recaluations for splits



The Daily Report - you enter only the Closed$ and Date
- Everything else automatically calculated.


Closed$ Date Net% Net$ Profit/Loss


  The report gives you enough information to know when to sell --
when profit starts dropping -- You get that feeling of loss of money -
and up to the minute prices and percentages of your profit or loss.

This report gives you full control of your money.  
When profit starts to drop and you may get a "gut feeling"  it is time to sell. 

You made your profit -  but if you wait--
the questions you have to ask yourself --
How low will the stock price will go?

What happens if I have to sell at a loss? 
How long will I be at a loss -
and losing money against inflation?

How long do I have to wait until the stock price rises to break even? 

The answer -- sell -- the Sell/Limit and Sell/stop
are within the range to get out quickly. 

Now track the stock using you new share value proft to buy more shares

Make many small gains and
rid yourself of the urge to hang on -
you will absolutely increase your profit
more than you ever thought.


When to Buy


This is a seperate report-
giving you better tracking to pick up more shares.


The paper Trading Report - Tracking to Buy Stock

you enter only the Closed$ and Date -
Everything else automatically calculated.

The assumption is you have $18,285.28 to purchase stock.
Your buying expense is the commissission of $4.95.


Buy Stop


Notice the downward tracking --
calculating the number of shares to buy --
giving you the buying options to use
into quickly buying shares.
(In calculating the numbr of shares
use the whole number only.)

[[[ Make it a habit - once the trend is broken
(prices start to rise) 
keep tracking at least two times - Prices may still fall.

Because prices move so quickly --

Enter the Closed$ any time as
they quickly change to get new buying shares.


I suggest you have the company where you buy shares
keep the option for buying -- open - when you are ready to supply
the number of shares to buy and the -- Buy/Limit prices.