Finding a Job


A little history - I suggest you send me an email 
and I will attach a copy of my book
"Crtical Thinking  Problem Solver."

One of the sections in the book is named RESUME.

My wife teaches two nights a week at Pierce College
in the San Fernando Valley a suburb of Los Angeles.
I have been taking her classes for many years.
One evening during a break, I talked to one of my classmates
and asked him what he did for a living.

He stated he was out of work for over a year.
I asked him what he put on his resume.
He stated he put previous work experience
and all his schooling and didn't get a  single response.

I was shocked and came up with a response that surprised him.


Thinking Differently-  


Let's say I have the perfect job for you.

I have four feet of resume submitterd.

I have four seconds to read the resume.
     That is about two inches on an 8 1/2 inch by 11 sheet of paper.

People talk about themselves - their past jobs, education, etc.

 Businesses care about themselves, but not you.

We have high unemployment.


The first thing you must remember is that
you must present your resume in Eighth Grade English


People don't read. 
Just look at today's newspaper. 
   do you skip columns you are not interested in?

 If you don't get their attention in that
    first four seconds, your resume is thrown away. 


I'll give you examples:


I am reading resumes and these are some of the responses -
I can make you money," thrown away.
I'll work for nothing, thrown away.
Two pages - too long - thrown away. You get the idea?



So what would you put on your resume
to entice me to give you a call?

I asked this question and most people
couldn't think of ideas to put on their resume.


Send me youe email and
I will attack the PDF book to your email.


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or call me at 818 261-2470.

Meyer Bendavid