Business & Personal Consulting Service


Business owners should always ask the following questions:

If my business slowed down -- and my bills keep piling up,

always ask yourself the following questions.


Why would you want to use my service or product?
What makes my service or product different
than my competitions?


As a problem solver -- I will analyze your business --
to increase the effectiveness -- so clients use your services or products -- instead of your competition. --

That's why you need my service.


My experiences

From 1989 to current - Crump and associates the largest service company in the U.S. selling Life Insurance.

From 1989 to 2003 as a licensed full-service broker and money manager associated with
Dean Witter,
Financial West Group, and National Planning Corporation.  

I managed to increase and protect portfolios.

My experiences senior programmer analyst

1987-1989 -- I established a company-- writing
software for window covering drapery companies, and restaurants.
1982-1984 -- Northrop -- I was part of a team responsible in creating the Stealth bomber.

1980-1982 -- on contract with Lockheed, and Northrop writing Statistical Analysis programs.

1967-1980 -- Blue Cross -- writing computer software and designing systems for
Membership, Claims, and Statistical Analysis Systems for Senior Vice Presidents.


A review of my books about money management and economics go to
Barnes & Noble or Amazon -- enter  Meyer Bendavid  in the search field.
my four books are -- "The Money Tracking Machine,"  "The Truth About Money," "Craps,"
"The Easy Way to Tax-Free Savings,"   and a new book soon to be published - "Problem Solving the Economy."


A Special offer for my service-  The StockTracker Software Package and a PDF copy of  "Problem Solving the Economy."

The rate for my service is $95.00 per hour - payable by check, money order, or cash.  


Call Meyer Bendavid  818 884-9923 - cell 818 261-2470 or e-mail