Business & Personal Consulting Service


If your business slowed down -- and bills keep piling up,

always ask yourself the following questions.


Why would I want to use my service or product?
What makes my service or product better
than my competition?


As a problem solver -- I will analyze your business --
to increase the effectiveness -- so clients use your services or products -- instead of your competition. -

That's why you need my service.

Service Rate $125.00 per hour.

A Special FREE offer for my service- 
a PDF copy of --The new revision of my book -
"The Money Tracking Machine."

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Services performed


Crump and associates the largest service company in the U.S. selling Life Insurance.

licensed full-service broker and money manager associated with
Dean Witter,
Financial West Group, and National Planning Corporation.  

managed to increase and protect portfolios.

I established a company-- writing custom software
for window covering drapery companies,
shutter manufacturers, restaurants and RV parts and sales.

Northrop -- I was part of a team responsible in creating
the Stealth bomber establishing over 9000 programs.

Contracted with Lockheed, and Northrop
writing Statistical Analysis programs.

Blue Cross -- writing computer software
and designing systems for Membership, Claims,
and Statistical Analysis Systems for Senior Vice Presidents.


I have written five books -- "The Money Tracking Machine," 
"The Truth About Money," "Craps,""The Easy Way to Tax-Free Savings,"
"Critical Thinking Problem Solver."